Guest Post: Hannah Tung is a Chicago based travel consultant who specializes in families traveling with little ones. She works closely with clients to create unique trips that are both fun and affordable! With multiple years of experience living on islands, at the base of the Alps and in urban environments, Hannah has endless first-hand experience to pull from. Having taken hundreds of flights on her own and over fifty with a baby in tow, she’s the perfect person to discuss your family travel plans with.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” – Babs Hoffman

One of the greatest inhibitors of family travel that I hear from my clients is the fear of all that could go wrong. What if my kids won’t eat? Won’t sleep? Won’t behave? Won’t survive?

The answer? They will.

Your kids will eat (who doesn’t like pizza or gelato?). They will sleep (maybe not at the most opportune times, but they’ll crash when they need to). They will behave (just as much as they do at home). They will survive, and not only that, they will most likely thrive!

While there are many things outside of our control when it comes to travel, there is something that can help maintain balance. Bring normalcy even. And that one thing is: Staying Organized. While highly overrated in most other areas of my life (if I’m being honest), organization is actually quite valued when I travel. Keeping organized whiled traveling helps our family stay calm, enjoy the ride and revel in the adventure we’re on. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way that will help you stay organized while traveling with tots.

Pictured: Storksak Travel Duffel

5. “You gotta keep ‘em separated. Maybe The Offspring in their famous early 90’s tune wasn’t just singing about high school drama, but instead were singing about packing for a family of four in one duffle. Maybe…their advice, however misplaced, is really the best when packing for family travel. Giving each person their space in your luggage will help you stay organized throughout the duration of your trip. The hanging organizer inside the Storksak Cabin Carry-On makes it all the easier.

4. Utilize pockets. Whether that be your husband who insists on wearing pants with at least three zipper pockets, or having a carry on bag that has them aplenty. Pockets are key in keeping things organized. I love how many inside pockets the Storksak Travel Backpack has. Keeping my diapers organized and not just floating around in the abyss that is typically my carry-on has changed my life… literally.

3. Wave your hands in the air, like you don’t care. Keeping your hands free is one of the best ways to maintain organization while traveling. This is usually best accomplished by wearing your babe. While wraps are the most comfortable for traveling, I typically bring a more structured baby carrier with me on flights for numerous reasons. I don’t have to adjust as much, they can handle heavier/older babies -AND- most airlines have a strict policy of removing your lap child from their carrier during take off and landing.

2. Wrangle the troops… er, toiletries. Keeping all of your sundries or snacks in larger bags that can be placed in your luggage will keep you organized for the long haul. I love the packing blocks that come with Storksak luggage, and a large ziplock does the trick for the assortment of refreshments that one should bring.


1. Keep your cool. A big part of staying organized is staying calm. When traveling with my babes, I work hard to constantly remind myself of the end goal. Right before my first overseas flight with my 9 month old, I had a moment of panic. I remember calling my best friend and moaning, “What if she cries on the flight?” Calmly, my friend responded, “Listen, she’s either going to cry in your living room at home or on an airplane headed for Paris. Babies cry, but at least you’ll be able to calm your nerves with pain au chocolate and an espresso.”


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